What is the JATC

Since April of 1945, The Peoria Area Electrical JATC’s goal has been to provide the Electrical Construction Industry with the most highly trained and skilled workforce possible.

In addition to receiving skill training on the job, each apprentice is provided with trade-related classroom training that produces competency and pride which leads to true craftsmanship.

a day in the life of an apprentice

This video provides an inside look at electrical apprenticeships from before dawn to after dusk – featuring candid interviews with individuals going through the program.

IBEW Local 34: Where We Work

Peoria Division

Peoria County  |  Tazewell County  |  West Jersey, Essex and Valley Townships in Stark County  |  Saratoga, Whitefield, Henry, Steuben, Laprairie, Hopewell, Lacon & Richland in Marshall County  |  Fairview, Farmington, Joshua, Canton, Orion, Putnam, Buckheart, Banner, Farmers, Bernadotte, Lewistown, Liverpool, Vermont, Pleasant, Isabel, Waterford, Astoria, Woodland, Kerton in Fulton County  |   Partridge, Cazenovia, Spring Bay, Worth, Metamora, Cruger, Olio, Montgomery in Woodford County  |  Quiver, Forrest City, Manito, Havana, Sherman, Pennsylvania, Allen Grove in Mason County

Galesburg Division

Knox County  |  Warren County  |  Henderson County  | Ohio Grove, Suez, North Henderson in Mercer County  |  Blandinsville, Prairie City, Emmet, Tennessee, Scotland, Sciota, Bushnell, Macomb, Colchester, New Salem, Walnut Grove, Hire, Mound, Chalmers in McDonough County  |  Union, Lee, Cass, Ellisville, Deerfield, Young, Hickory, Harris in Fulton County

Quincy Division

Adams County  |  Brown County  |  Hancock County   |  Schuyler County  |Pike County  |  Lamoine, Bethel, Industry, Eldorado in McDonough County

Coverage Map of Illinois